Information for participants in the STAK@Home study

(STrengthening Altitude Knowledge)

Dear mountain lover,

Here you will find written information regarding the STAK@Home study. The researchers are interested in the level of knowledge regarding altitude-related problems among people who seek altitudes ≥ 3000 meters. This interest has led to a survey based on recently published research in which experts in altitude-related problems describe what they expect from individuals when they move into mountainous areas. We cordially invite you to participate in this survey. Your participation is entirely voluntary and completely anonymous.

Why this research?

The main objective of this research is to map the level of knowledge regarding altitude-related problems among members of the European Climbing and Mountaineering Associations. The available literature shows that this knowledge level is generally limited. Improving this knowledge can contribute to preventing altitude-related problems and, in case of occurrence, to better recognition and treatment of them.

Survey design

As mentioned, the survey will be distributed through a link in the newsletter. The survey is divided into six parts. In the first part, we ask for your consent; the second part (a, b, and c) includes the knowledge questions, while the third includes some general questions—parts four and five probe your physical and mental health, and part six asks about your experiences in mountainous environments. Completing the survey will take about 25 minutes.

Confidentiality of data

We want to emphasize that all your data will be kept strictly confidential. Only anonymous data is collected.


If you have any questions about this survey, we cordially invite you to contact Remco Berendsen, an anesthesiologist at Leiden University Medical Center, at or by phone at 0031 71 5262301. You may also contact Dr. Remco Zoethout ( Although he is not directly involved in the conduct of this study, he is aware of its progress and is available to answer any questions or speak with you about the study.

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Page last updated: 14 April 2024
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