UIAA Medische Commissie

De UIAA verzorgt up-to-date en betrouwbare informatie over medische zaken. Om dit te kunnen doen doet de medische commissie van de UIAA onderzoek naar de feiten achter deze medische zaken en bieden een forum waar experts kunnen discussiëren over welke aanbevelingen gedaan moeten worden en de manier waarop (lees meer hier).

AMS, HAPE, HACE - Emergency field management

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Acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude pulmonary oedema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral oedema (HACE) are the most important and most common altitude related diseases. Primary prevention is considered the gold standard to avoid altitude illness. Learn how to diagnose, treat and most important how to prevent.
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4 x 4 Health Rules for Mountaineers

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These general suggestions are designed to guide those who are unfamiliar or less experienced with mountain terrain and who wish to hike or climb. 16 good advice for what to do when you are in the mountains, before the tour, during the tour and in case something happens.
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How to Check the Quality of a Commercially Organized Trek or Expedition

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As the number of mountaineers who are joining organised treks or expeditions continues to increase, so too does incidence of altitude-related diseases. The following recommendations should assist the mountaineering tourists to check as far as is reasonably possible, whether their organisation has taken into account potential health risks when planning the trip itinerary.
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Last Published: Zondag, 21 November 2021